Digital Writing

On the Eve of Our Last Winter

Lyrical Dystopian Mixed-Reality Digital Story

(Work in Progress)

On The Eve of Our Last Winter is a mixed-reality multimodal story. This project uses virtual environment, spoken word, text, poetry, music, soundscape, brainwave entrainment, and autonomous sensory meridian response triggers to explore the theme of elemental winter. It is an immersive emotional experience that leads the player/reader on a journey through the cold places of our world. It draws on archetypes found in arctic myths and contemplates climate change and personal survival.

In September 2019 I will take part in The Arctic Circle arts and sciences residency to research and gather photographic material for this project.

Short Stories

The Soprano

Contemporary fiction

When Blanche first began singing, she was humble, eager, willing to work, willing to learn. Now she is headstrong, condescending, unprofessional, and just a tiny bit full of herself. She is also the closest to genius that Antoinette, her accompanist, may ever have a chance to work with.

Read this digital short at Found Press.