Performer / Teacher

Kayt is a classically-trained soprano and multi-instrumentalist. She specialises in opera and musical theatre but also performs jazz standards, folk, celtic and pop. Kayt holds a Bachelor of Music from The University of Western Ontario, a postgraduate diploma in sacred music from Laurentian University, and an ARCT (singing performance) from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Kayt maintains a small studio wherever she is living where she offers private voice, drama and instrument lessons. She is currently taking students in the Elliot Lake / Algoma area.

While Kayt’s primary instruments are voice and piano, she also plays and teaches the following: guitar, ukulele, folk harp, organ, a variety of brass instruments, flutes and recorders. Kayt also teaches music theory, history, songwriting and vocal harmony.

Additionally, Kayt writes songs and instrumental pieces for digital media. She is available to perform for select engagements. Contact her for more information.

Recordings forthcoming.