Digital Conversations at the British Library

On July 2018, I had the honour of speaking about The VESSEL Project at the New Media Writing Prize 10th Anniversary talk at The British Library in London. I was privileged to share the stage with new media writing luminaries Andy Campbell (Dreaming Methods), inaugural NMWP winner Christine Wilks, and 2018 NMWP winner Amira Hanafi.

Andy gave us an historical overview of the prize and a glimpse into his ground-breaking work in VR narratives, while Christine introduced the audience her award-winning flash Underbelly and talked about how her practice has changed since. Amira unpacked the creative process behind her powerful bi-lingual piece of e-lit: A Dictionary of the Revolution. Finally, I spoke about The VESSEL Project and the ways augmented reality and new media writing can help community renewal by introducing geographic counter-stories to combat toxic community narratives.

Organiser Dr. Jim Pope chaired the rountable and if:book UK director Dr. Chris Meade spoke about the Dot Award and joined us to discuss the history and future of digital and new media writing.

Thank you to Stella Wisdom and the British Library for organising the event and Bournemouth University and If:Book for ten years of celebration and support for new media storytelling!

To read more about the event, visit the NMWP coverage at the NMWP website or check out their twitter.